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About Using Solar

Common Sense Solar

“ Solar is not a fossil fuel “ and you cannot treat it as one!

We design a very efficient gas heating system and add to that system with a solar contribution. This is the philosophy in most of the advanced solar countries around the world.

“Most American system designers want to load up with solar to give the customer a maximum solar contribution,” but they are very expensive to build, you would need to dissipate the heat in the summer, and in the winter you would have many non-functioning or low production days.

We provided everything needed for a successful install.
We build the unit here in the factory and shipped in modular form to the site. It’s easy to set up the system for piping into the DHW system within one day. This saves labor costs for the contractor.

We have thousands of systems set up world wide and a growing number of installs in the United States. We have a large inventory of items on the shelves and are ready to ship overnight if necessary. Our trained commissioning agents will insure a successful installation.