evacuated tube collector on roof

evacuated tubes

Evacuated Tube Collectors

evacuated tube display part breakdown 1 – Aluminum casing
2 – Copper Header
3 – Glass wool insulation
4 – Evacuated tube
5 – Heat transfer fin
6 – Copper heat pipe
7 – Stainless Steel mounting frame

Cold Weather Climates!

Apricus evacuated tube collectors and Solar Hot flat plate water collectors are designed for cold weather climates.

They can be set up as a drain back or closed loop system. They work well with the S.U.N. EQUINOX or Lochinvar storage tanks. Each setup has a backup heating system just in case the sun does not shine. Solar Hot flat plates collectors are another good option and can be set up for drain-back or closed-loop. Both collectors can be set up in multiple arrays for more heat.