On Demand Water Heaters

ODW Heaters

Noritz Heaters

When sizing our commercial systems we use the very efficient Noritz 199-DVC ODW heater.

– Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
– Max. output 180 oF
– Connect multiple heaters together for increased output.

(We manifold multiple heaters in our factory and label them with the rest of the system so installation is a snap.)

Quietside Heaters

Residential SUN EQUINOX SYSTEMS use the Quietside 120,000 or 199,000 Btu/hr units. These heaters are Energy Star qualified and have efficiency levels of 90% heating operation and an energy factor of up to 0.85 for DHW production. These outstanding efficiency levels are achieved by utilizing two heat exchangers, including a wet recuperative heat exchanger. This heat exchanger condenses extra energy from the hot flue gas to provide additional performance and energy. These units are capable of being vented in Schedule 40 PVC.