S.U.N. Equinox tanks



The SUN EQUINOX storage tank is made of corrosion-free plastic and contains stainless steel corrugated pipe heat exchangers. It is a combination hot water storage tank and flow water heater system with properties which are particularly water hygienic.

Available as a132 gallon maxi, it is suited to fit almost every application.

– Optimum water hygiene
– High comfort
– Ideal for solar energy use

Domestic water and storage tank water.

Having clear separation between domestic water and storage tank water, The SUN EQUINOX is a combination hot water storage tank and water heating system. The heat is not stored in the domestic water but in the clearly separated storage tank. The domestic water content is relatively low at 5 to 21 gallons, depending on the storage tank type. The total storage tank capacity is 132 gallons for the maxi tank. The heat volume which can be stored and extracted is correspondingly large.

Heat storage tank and flow heater

The storage tank water is filled once during commissioning and is only used for heat storage. It is neither replaced nor consumed. The storage tank itself consists entirely of plastic. The inner and outer wall is made of impact resistant polypropylene (PP). The space in between is insulated with heat-conserving foam. This produces excellent heat insulation values and keeps surface losses to a minimum. The heating of the storage tank water and the charging of the storage tank can be carried out in various ways:

With heating water (oil, gas, solid fuel boiler, heat pump or utility-supplied heat) via a stainless steel heat exchanger. With solar energy, direct heating of the storage tank water. With an electric heating element (optionally 2 or 2-6 kW).

Water Hygiene

As a result of its structure, the water to be heated is passed through the corrugated stainless steel tubing. The volume of the domestic water heat exchanger is only a fraction of the water quantities found in storage tank. Areas not heated all the way through on the hot water side do not even come into question with the SUN EQUINOX.

Domestic water is exclusively located in one pipe so that deposits of sludge, rust or other sediments, as can occur in containers with a large volume, are not possible. The water stored first is also taken out first (First-in-first-out principle).

Legionella bacteria

There are approximately 35 types of Legionella. At least 17 of these are pathogenic. The most common consequences are Pontiac fever, (symptoms similar to flu which improve after a few days), Legionnaire’s disease (Severe bacterial lung infection. The infection is fatal in 15 to 20 percent of cases.).

SUN EQUINOX and solar energy

In conjunction with an unpressurized solar system, free energy from the sun is used highly effectively for:

– water heating
– heating support
– providing low heat losses
– providing minimum maintenance costs
– perfect water hygiene
– practically limitless hot water comfort

Large demand hot water

The issue of water hygiene is of particular relevance in the case of buildings with a large hot water demand. In hotels, hospitals, sports facilities and nursing homes, the supply of hot water is extremely important. The SUN EQUINOX hot water storage tank optimally meets the most demanding water hygiene requirements, since its operates like a flow water heater with regard to domestic water. Where there is a demand for large volumes of hot water, several tanks are simply connected to each other like modules.
Thanks to its lightweight and favorable dimensions, the SUN EQUINOX hot water storage tank is easy to transport and can be easily incorporated into existing buildings.

The variable storage tank system

The SUN EQUINOX enables a wide range of system variants. As a result, several heat sources can be integrated to produce additional heat extraction for swimming pools, VAV systems, snow melt, etc. In these cases, the whole system usually remains relatively simple and clearly arranged, keeping the control technology costs low.

In the event of a subsequent change in the performance requirements, the system can often be modified easily without having to increase or decrease the number of tanks.