Solar Questions

Q: When is the best time to purchase a solar thermal system?

A: 5 years ago.

If you would have bought it then it would have already paid for itself. If you don't purchase a system soon you'll end up paying for it anyway with higher utility costs.

Q: Will solar work in my area? I live in a cold cloudy environment?

A: Yes solar will work in your area. Advances in technology provide solar thermal collectors the ability to collect solar energy even on cold and cloudy days.

Q: What's the difference between Thermal solar and PV solar?

A: Solar thermal generates heat energy in the form of hot water whereas solar PV generates electrical energy.

Q: Which type of solar collector is better, a flat plate or evacuated tube?

A: Each type is great and both offer advantages and disadvantages. At S.U.N. we believe it all boils down to a matter of personal choice. We sell both types; however, we will make recommendations of which we believe is better for the many different types of applications.

Q : Is solar water heating a viable alternative to gas or electricity?

A: Solar should not be seen as an alternative to gas or electricity, but rather a supplement. Solar cannot totally replace the need for gas or electric heating as there are sometimes days when there is little sunlight. When averaged over a year, a correctly sized solar system can provide 60%-70% of a household's hot water needs. Providing more than this is unadvisable, as too much heat will be produced in the summer. The hot water system can easily be automated so hot water is guaranteed regardless of sunlight levels.