System Questions

Q: Can I buy just the tank?

A: No. Solar Usage Now does not sell the tanks separately. We sell turn-key systems that are proven to work, having 1000's of installs.

Q: Do I have to utilize solar in order to purchase this system?

A: Our systems work great without solar as well as with it. It's your choice. If your roof can't support a panel or you simply don't want it, we let our customers make the choice.

Q: What is the heat loss on the Equinox storage heat exchanger tank?

A: The heat loss on our tanks is about 3 degrees in a 24 hour time frame.

Q: Can the 79 gallon mini tanks be linked together to form a series of tanks?

A: No, 79 gallon mini storage tanks cannot be linked. However, the 132 gallon maxi storage tanks can be linked.

Q : When will my tank rust out?

A: Never, our tanks are made entirely of plastic, (high impact resistant polypropylene) with foam insulation.