Turn-key Solution

Pre-fabricated and designed by Solar Usage Now to ensure the system will perform properly for the hot water demand.

Turn-key solutions save time, money, and labor charges that are associated with the installation of conventional hot water systems.

Hybrid Atmospheric Heat

S.U.N. Equinox heating systems are adaptible and work with any heat source and multiple heat sources at the same time.


With a sanitary, self-cleaning design, the S.U.N. Equinox tank uses the first-in-first-out principle to eliminate low flow zones which lead to bacterial growth.

The corrugated stainless-steel heat exchanger coils not only make the design more rigid but create a turbulant effect which is self-cleaning.

Drain-back Tank

Drain-back systems prevent the chance of freezing in colder climates by completely draining the lines when the hot water demand is met. The Equinox tank is designed to accomodate for the system to drain-back and does not require the use of an additional drain-back tank.

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