“Pre-engineered & Pre-fabricated Solar Thermal,
Energy Efficient Solutions.”

When you order a system from Solar Usage Now you not only get the parts for the job, but the service of designing, correctly sizing, assembly, and shipping to complete the job.

S.U.N. Equinox Product Link

The most efficient commercial
solar hot water heating systems

Pre-fabricated & pre-assembled solar thermal systems for any size water demand. Designed and sized specifically for each job, easy to install and are portable enough to fit through most doorways.

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Kingspan Thermomax Product Link

The Thermomax range reflects our on-going commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and a brighter future for us all. Thermomax is the original vacuum tube collector in the world. This premium product is up to 30% more efficient than flat plate collectors and in particular, Thermomax systems out-perform competitors in general and in less sunny climates.

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