Commercial Applications

Possible fields of application

The calculation of the required number of SUN EQUINOX storage tanks and the corresponding total heating output depends on the required maximum withdrawal quantity (withdrawal per unit of time) and on the withdrawal profile based on dimensioning. Inside large widely dispersed buildings, it can be worthwhile to distribute several SUN EQUINOX storage tanks located throughout the building and to install them as close as possible to the consumers. This minimizes heat losses and saves on pumps and expensive pipelines.

Hotels or hospitals require optimum water hygiene and often require large volumes of hot water instantly. The volume of heat stored in the SUN EQUINOX is so large that a momentary increase in demand can be covered, even if the recharging output of the heat generator is comparatively small.

Short-term hot water output for each unit therefore does not depend on the output of the heat generator to any great extent. If several storage tanks are connected to each other in a large system, the outputs of the individual storage tanks are added to each other.